How To Transform Your ‘Bloody Staff’ Into A Bloody Brilliant Team

For Less Than a Tenner a Month…

Do you employ people? If so, I know how you feel…


And who can blame you? Being an employer is a headache and not a day goes past that I don’t hear one of the following:

  • “I’d have been better off doing that myself.”
  • “Irresponsible bugger, he’s late again.”
  • “Why can’t she do her job properly?”

These common people issues are a BIG gripe for business owners, like you.

You see ‘bloody staff’ don’t help you grow and achieve your targets. Worse still, these people challenges are a painful distraction. It’s a frustrating waste of your time dealing with incompetence and faffing to get others to tackle your to-do list… especially when you have bigger and more important things to do.

But here’s the thing…

Until science figures out a way to clone humans, like it or not, you’re stuck relying on the skills and experience of others – if you’re serious about running a successful company.

Whether you have ambitions to scale or you just want a better work/life balance you CAN’T, MUSTN’T, SHOULDN’T do it alone!

Instead, you need to:

  • Hire the right people (and get super comfortable firing the wrong ones)
  • Create a culture that’s capable of delivering your vision and your goals, and
  • Develop the leadership skills and capabilities you need to nurture a team of outstanding individuals who collaborate to make your business succeed

In short, you need to make your people a priority.

And that’s precisely why I created Bloody Staff – to help frustrated employers (just like you), manage common staffing nightmares, sleep easier, and unleash their team’s potential.

I’ll tell you what membership includes and how to join in just a second. But first, let me share a story…

Recently I was chatting to a successful business owner. He was saying the usual stuff. Complaining about his bloody staff, telling me the headaches they were causing, and moaning that his progress was being slapped because his team were underperforming.

But then I said something that took him aback…

I told him, “It’s all your fault!”

Now please don’t misunderstand me. I wasn’t having a go. It was just my tough love style coming out.

I explained I wasn’t apportioning blame or trying to point the finger. Instead I just needed him to take full responsibility for his current situation.

And if you’re serious about working with exceptional people, you have to take responsibility too.

That’s because that team of bloody brilliant staff you lust over – well, it all starts with YOU…

And if you’re struggling now, remember, your leadership and your decisions have brought you to this point.

And until you accept full ownership for your staff’s performance (or lack of it!) you can’t change anything.

You should have seen the expression on that client’s face when he ‘got it’.

Because here’s the thing… it’s only when you accept responsibility for your staff that the transformation of your team (and your business) can begin…

And when you’re ready to start that journey, your Bloody Staff membership is here to support you every step of the way.

So whether you’re a fast-growing company or a new employer, as a Bloody Staff member, you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to build a BRILLIANT team and deal with incompetence and time-wasters effectively.

“Where were you when I needed this resource all those years ago?

Having built several companies over the years, without doubt the biggest challenge I faced was around staff. In the early days I was convinced it was their problem. But the more success I had, the more I realised it was mine.

It was simple… I didn’t know what to do with them, how to get the best out of them, how to motivate them, and how to find the right ones. I read lots of books, endured trial and error, and spent a lot of money! When I eventually ‘got it’ a huge weight was lifted from the business and it was able to SCALE at a substantial pace.

Bloody Staff is a phrase I’ve heard over and over from 100s of business owners. So I’m delighted to see what Jacqui has created. Finally, someone has captured EVERYTHING you need to know about engaging and empowering staff – in one place. I encourage you to join now and start using the Bloody Staff resources to nurture your team and scale your business.”

Martin Norbury – Scalability Coach and Business Mentor of the Year 2015

Join Bloody Staff Now! Just £9.99 pm

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What do I get when I join ‘Bloody Staff’?

Bloody Staff membership gives you unrestricted access to EVERYTHING you need to manage, develop, and discipline your staff.

It’s like having your own HR and people development expert on call – for less than a tenner a month. There’s something for every type of business – and all resources are just a click away. It’s why we think Bloody Staff membership is the easiest, most cost-effective way to empower your team to achieve brilliant results.

Here’s an overview of everything you get when you become a member:


Inside the Bloody Staff Vault you’ll discover step-by-step guides, video courses and templates, checklists and PDFs – all easily accessible by you (or your team) – 24/7.

Covering hiring, firing, and everything in between, we share:

  • All the generic HR stuff (such as disciplinary actions, new starters, and employment policies and procedures),
  • As well as People Management (including managing conflict, smart delegation, and tackling poor performance)

Remember. This is the same information and resources I use in my own business (and the advice and tools I’ve shared with hundreds of clients over the years). I’m giving away my very best stuff in the Vault to help you get your HR and people management nailed.


In addition, you’ll get direct access to my team and me via our private Facebook group along with monthly online training.

So use these exclusive member opportunities to ask your questions and sort those bloody staff issues once and for all!

“I’d go as far as to say that Bloody Staff is an ESSENTIAL investment for any small business owner who has staff or who is thinking of hiring staff

Every successful business needs people – but getting the right ones, who do the right things, in the right way is at best a challenge – and for many it can become a nightmare.

For several years now my ‘go-to-gal’ for help and advice on all staff aspects of my business has been Jacqui Mann. Unlike most in her field, Jacqui is always P-R-A-C-T-I-C-A-L in her guidance and advice and what she’s put together with ‘Bloody Staff’ is, well, bloody brilliant.

I’d go as far as to say that Bloody Staff is an ESSENTIAL investment for any small business owner who has staff or who is thinking of hiring staff.   It’s chock-full of great resources, templates, and tools and at this price you’d be BONKERS not to join. It will help you hugely to get the best out of your people…and to sleep well at night”

Nigel Botterill – Serial entrepreneur

Join Bloody Staff Now! Just £9.99 pm

(No long-term tie in & easy cancellation)

You MUST invest in your leadership skills – if you’re serious about building a successful business

The fact you’re still reading this page proves you’re not like most business owners. And I admire you for that…

You see, far too many entrepreneurs shy away and don’t invest enough of their time and energy to create a brilliant team.

And that decision is simply crazy.

I know nurturing staff doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you struggle with confrontation, get tongue-tied when communicating, and want to be liked, it’s no wonder you can’t get your bloody staff under control and delivering results for your business!

But don’t beat yourself up… Managing people is not like managing a process. With staff, there’s the unpredictability factor you can’t prepare for – and that’s what makes it so tough.

But here’s the thing…

You can’t close your eyes and hope the people issues will disappear. Whether you have a single team member or a complex organisational structure, staff will either help you fly, or hold you back.

Which would you prefer – because the choice is yours?

You HAVE to make time to nurture your staff, and whilst you may secretly wish you could pass the responsibility to one of your team, seriously, that’s a BIG cop-out. No one else will care about your business as much as you. If you don’t lead the way, you’ll let your business be shaped by someone else.

But don’t worry – transforming your staff doesn’t require a pile of learning and a stack of time that you probably don’t have.

Just like all the other skills and competencies you’ve learnt on your business journey, with a little guidance (and the right resources) you can nail the people stuff too.

And remember, your investment in ‘Bloody Staff’ makes the development of your people skills and essential HR knowledge, a gradual discovery. You can dip in and out of the resources and set your own programme. What’s more, this is a resource that grows with you:

  • Some resources are more relevant for larger businesses looking to scale
  • Other bits are perfect for a small business with just one or two staff
  • There are resources to help you nurture staff to achieve those big stretching goals
  • And resources to help you tackle the everyday, mundane issues such as lateness, sickness, and absence

As you can see, there’s something for everyone and for every situation.

  • So don’t get frustrated if you’ve failed to tackle issues in the past – it’s not too late to intervene and reshape your team
  • If a fear of confrontation (or the feeling you’re not a natural manager) has held you back – I promise you can develop the necessary skills
  • If recent growth has amplified your underlying staffing issues – there are simple things you can do TODAY to turn things around

Just roll up your sleeves, learn at your own pace, and quickly fill in the knowledge gaps that hold you back.

I promise, even if you spend just a couple of hours inside Bloody Staff each month, you will get a huge return on your investment.

Join Bloody Staff Now! Just £9.99 pm

(No long-term tie in & easy cancellation)

Bloody Staff membership contains everything you need to develop a bloody brilliant team

Your Bloody Staff membership includes the perfect mix of online resources, supportive feedback, and live, online training.

Here’s the lowdown on everything you get – for less than a tenner a month!

RESOURCES: The Bloody Staff Vault is available 24/7

The Bloody Staff Vault is chock-full of HR and people management resources. Covering hiring, firing, and everything in between, I’m revealing it all and giving you online access to my very best, most up-to-date stuff divided into six easy to search categories:

  1. Get ‘em in: Contains the inside scoop on an effective recruitment strategy to help you hire the right people with confidence.
  2. Get ‘em out: There are numerous reasons why you need to let staff go. Discover what you can (and can’t do) when readjusting your team’s dynamics.
  3. Get ‘em performing: Discover how to create and motivate a team of outstanding individuals who buy into your vision and commit to achieve your goals.
  4. Help ‘em grow: Successful people development and smart HR starts with YOU – so make sure you have all the skills and competencies needed to be a highly effective leader.
  5. Get scaling: When it’s time to scale or grow your business, you need staff to fulfil new roles and increase your capacity. Discover how to expand without screwing up what you’ve already got!
  6. Keep it legal: Discover what you need to know (and do) in relation to employment law to keep your business on the straight and narrow!

As you can see, we’ve got a resource in the Vault (or in the making) for just about every HR and people management conundrum you’ll encounter and every question you have relating to your team, your culture, and your growth:

  • If you need some pointers to get comfortable (and confident) hiring your first member of staff – we’ve got a blueprint for that
  • If you want to know if you can sack the individual who’s not a good fit – there’s a checklist for that
  • If you need to change the culture in your business – we’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you manage that

PLUS because this awesome bank of people resources will grow each month, there will always be something new to discover (for as long as you remain a member).

But that’s not all…

SUPPORT: Access to the ‘Bloody Staff’ Private Facebook group

You’re not the only business owner struggling with their staff. And that’s why you’re going to LOVE the Bloody Staff private Facebook group.

Call it your safe space to ask your HR questions, vent, share experiences, swipe ideas, and get hands-on support from my team, like-minded business owners, and me.

This is a private group and anything goes – no question is too silly.

And if you feel wary asking questions to a bunch of strangers, I promise this fear will soon pass. You’ll find this group respectful, friendly, and understanding. We’re all in the same shoes here. So just imagine how you’ll feel knowing there’s always a friendly, understanding ear who, which can not only empathise with your situation, but actually help you get it resolved.

Tell me… What is membership of that community worth to you?

TRAINING: LIVE ‘Bloody Brilliant’ online webinars

Each month, you can join our live, interactive online webinars. This exclusive training opportunity will focus on a key theme that matters to you.

These sessions are interactive, so expect to get a rush of ideas and insights. I promise you’ll be rushing off to implement something by the end. If you want to get something off your chest, just dive into the Q&A and if you can’t attend for any reason, don’t worry. All webinar recordings will be added to the Vault.

These webinars will be delivered in our ‘tough love’ style. After all, we’re here to help you crack on with your business – not dwell over ‘the little buggers!’ So I think you’ll find that they soon become a must-see fixture in your busy schedule.

We’re on YOUR side and here to empower you to feel fully in control of your most valuable business asset – your people.

“I love the idea of having an online portal of trusted HR and people development resources at my fingertips – 24/7

When I first discovered Bloody Staff I wanted immediate access! I love the idea of having an online portal of trusted HR and people development resources at my fingertips – 24/7. As the MD of a growing business, my people are key. I need brilliant staff to achieve our stretching goals and with Bloody Staff in my pocket, I can sleep a little easier. I now know if an HR issue crops up, I’ve got somewhere to turn for solid advice. In addition, because my senior team can also access the resources, their management role will become a little easier too.  Thanks Jacqui!”

Barry Allaway – MD at Worldwide Magazine Distribution.

Join Bloody Staff Now! Just £9.99 pm

(No long-term tie in & easy cancellation)

Why Should I Take HR and People Development Advice From You, Jacqui?

It’s my aim to make ‘Bloody Staff’ the most useful resource in the UK for ambitious business owners who want to increase their team’s potential and maximise the skills of others to achieve their business goals.

Here’s why I can make this promise…

Right now, I’m the Trusted HR Supplier for the Entrepreneurs Circle and through J Mann Associates brand, I provide outsourced HR for a growing number of UK businesses – some of which you may know.

I’ve worked in HR for over 20 years. (I know! I had to double-check the figure!)

In that time I’ve advised million pound businesses, scaling businesses, shrinking businesses, and entrepreneurs who are building their first team. I’ve dealt with just about every HR issue you can imagine (plus many more you couldn’t possibly dream up).

I’m also a business coach with stacks of experience helping business owners develop and nurture the soft skills needed to tackle people issues sensitively, tactfully, and effectively.

I’m a business owner (just like you):

  • I’ve been through the stress of hiring my first employee (and what a cracking decision that was)
  • I’ve felt the gut-wrenching dread of taking disciplinary action
  • I’ve advised business owners through redundancies, change, and restructuring
  • I’ve supported entrepreneurs to develop the guts to tackle a people-related issue head on

And I’ve loved every minute. So if you want a trusted resource to help you join up your HR dots, get yourself inside Bloody Staff.

“I recommend Jacqui highly.

We’ve gone through a massive growth programme in the last three years going from a million pound business to a 4.25m business by the end of the 2015 financial year on our way to £40m. I know when I need to get specialist resources in order to make sure I’m doing things properly. That’s one of the reasons I rely on Jacqui Mann. With our team expanding, I needed to make sure there was someone covering my arse when it came to HR issues. It’s important you get that technically correct… I would recommend Jacqui highly.”

Kate Lester – owner of Diamond Logistics

Join Bloody Staff Now! Just £9.99 pm

(No long-term tie in & easy cancellation)

So what are you waiting for?

Get yourself inside Bloody Staff now and get your hands on the ULTIMATE people management & HR toolkit covering hiring, firing, and everything in between.

Join Bloody Staff Now! Just £9.99 pm

(No long-term tie in & easy cancellation)

Want To Be A Bloody Staff VIP?

Then hurry… the VIP launch offer expires at noon on Friday 19th June

Are you an implementer? If so, take advantage of the special launch offer and become a Bloody Staff VIP – there are only 50 slots available.

Simply join the Bloody Staff community before noon on Friday 19th June, and not only will you get unlimited access to all the member benefits, you’ll get two special bonuses too.

Here’s what I’ve got for you…

Online training: How to be a Bloody Brilliant Leader (worth £300)
Join me for an intimate, live Q&A with your fellow, inaugural Bloody Staff members.

In this one-hour session, I’ll answer the most frequently asked HR questions and issues I’ve tackled in my 20+ years of HR experience – along with a selection of your questions too.

This webinar is exclusive to the first 50 Bloody Staff recruits.

This webinar will NOT be available in the Bloody Staff Vault (although I’ll send you a recording – tech permitting). This is exclusive content for the first 50 members only.

Attendance at this interactive online training will increase your essential HR knowledge. PLUS I’ll share simple techniques to help you deal with, not duck common workplace issues. You DON’T want to miss this – if you’re serious about building a team of brilliant people.

Checklist: The 10 simple things you can do TODAY to get your bloody staff engaged (worth £19)
Get an instant return from your Bloody Staff investment and discover 10 ridiculously easy and quick things you can do to see a positive change in your staff – TODAY.

This bonus alone is worth double your first month’s fee and the impact you could enjoy when you implement these ideas is exciting.

30-min call with Jacqui Mann (worth £150) for two lucky VIPS
Finally, two lucky VIPs (names pulled out of a hat), will win a FREE 30-minute consultation with me, Jacqui Mann. This is your chance to jump on Skype or the phone for some personalised ideas and advice about your business.

So what are you waiting for?

Join Bloody Staff Now! Just £9.99 pm

(No long-term tie in & easy cancellation)