What is Santa’s special gift?

Santa was over the moon.   Everything was back on track with only 8 sleeps to go. He knew that all the little children (and big ones) would get their presents on time. He wanted to tell all his friends about the special gift.

All the elves were working hard. Jingle and Tinsel were very sorry for […]

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What did the Wise Man say to Santa?

The Wise Man (aka Dave) was really helpful and Santa was amazed when the Wise Man told Santa that as he had been quick and got the offer the Ice Princess told him about that he got 60 minutes of telephone support and unlimited email support which he could use for HR or Health & […]

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Who has been fighting with a jack in the box?

Santa rushed to the workshop to find out what had happened. Oh dear one of the elves has had an accident.

It looks like Snowball has had a fight with a Jack in the box. Mrs Claus has also rushed to the workshop. She looked at Snowball and saw that he had a black eye and […]

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Santa couldn’t believe his eyes

The Ice Princess explained to Santa what he needed to do with the naughty elves. First of all he would need to send them a letter asking them to attend a meeting with him. The Ice Princess told Santa where he could find the exact letter he needed in the Bloody Staff vault.

Santa checked out […]

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Santa heard a rumour……

Santa was so stressed now, the naughty elves had still not turned up for work, and he’d heard a rumor that they were in downtown Lapland doing their Christmas shopping!

Should he phone the Ice Princess?  He decided he would.

Santa picked up the phone and called the Ice Princess (aka Janine). The Ice Princess asked Santa […]

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