Holiday pay should include commission

After much speculation The Employment Appeal Tribunal has said ‘YES’ commission should be included when calculating holiday pay.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has held that results-based commission should be included when calculating a worker’s four week entitlement to holiday pay under European law.

The case in question……

British Gas Trading Limited v Lock. Mr Lock had normal […]

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7 Ways To Deal With Problem Staff

Managing difficult employees is never easy, and it’s a skill that can take years to develop.When managers identify problem employees, they can be managed — either to improve behaviour and performance, or to exit them from the business.

Listen. Often, when an employee is a problem you stop paying attention to what’s actually going on. The […]

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The National Living Wage

We have had several calls from employers asking us about the National Living Wage and whether or not they have to pay it to employees. The answer is YES. It is a legal requirement it’s not something you can chose to pay if you want to. It is different from the Living Wage which is […]

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Absent from work for 6 years…

You may have seen the article in the news last week about the Spanish civil servant, Mr Garcia, who failed to turn up for work for “at least” six years and it was only discovered after he became eligible for a long service award.

The boss of the water company had not seen Mr Garcia for […]

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Ban On Pre – Employment Health Questionnaires

The ban on pre-employment health questionnaires came into effect in October 2010 with the introduction of the Equality Act. This makes it illegal to ask a candidate to complete a health questionnaire before an offer of employment has been made.

I understand the reasons behind the ban. It is to ensure that everyone is properly considered […]

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