What on earth is ‘Bloody Staff?’

Bloody Staff is a supportive, knowledgeable community where business owners and entrepreneurs come to discuss their people development issues and discover how to build a team of bloody brilliant staff.

In short, we’re here to help YOU grow and succeed, by unleashing the awesome potential power of your people.

So why seek advice here?

Jacqui MannHi, I’m Jacqui Mann and I’m the Head HR Honcho at Bloody Staff and the owner of J Mann Associates (my outsourced, HR business).

I’ve worked in HR for over 20 years, and I’ve run my own HR business since 2003. You could say I’m a little bit in love with the industry!

I’m also a qualified and experienced coach. I’m hugely interested in helping others understand and develop the soft skills needed to manage and develop their people effectively. And unsurprisingly, coaching and HR go hand in hand. After all, if you get the ‘people stuff’ right, you can often avoid common HR issues (or at least confidently nip them in the bud when they inevitably crop up).

I share this background, because I want you to know that I understand your situation.

I know what it’s like to ‘need’ and manage staff as a business owner (and I vividly remember the dilemma of deciding to take on my first member of staff). And yes, this is subtly different to the corporate environment. As a business owner, your company is your baby and you won’t have a big team above you to rely on. Instead, the success of your business lies in your hands. You stand (and fall) by your decisions, and the quality of your staff affects your results – massively.

This means if you’re serious about growth, you simply must invest the time needed to develop the skills, confidence, and knowledge to get the most out of your staff. It’s critical that you proactively develop your culture – not leave it to chance.

And that’s exactly why I created the ‘Bloody Staff’ portal.

Don’t let your ‘bloody staff’ hold you back

Over the years, I’ve found that far too many business owners and entrepreneurs neglect their people management and development.

It’s frustrating, but it’s not uncommon for me to get called in when there’s an HR problem. And whilst this reactive approach can get you out of a sticky patch, your business (and your sanity) benefits far more, if you put your people management and development right at the heart of everything that you do.

In short, if you’re serious about scaling and building a successful business, you NEED brilliant staff (not just bums on seats). After all, you can’t clone yourself, and you can’t do it all yourself (if you do, you’ve got a job – NOT a business).

Your ‘bloody staff’ stifles the potential of far too many entrepreneurs – and often it’s because the business owner lacks the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to get the right team of people behind them.

Until now!

Finally!  All my skills, knowledge, and best bits are in one place

Bloody Staff brings together my HR experience and coaching skills into a comprehensive resource designed to help you turn those ‘Bloody Staff’ into your ‘Bloody BRILLIANT Staff.’

I’m committed to creating the most useful collection anywhere, of on-tap people management and development resources, for UK business owners and entrepreneurs.

As such, Bloody Staff is the place to go for professional, practical, reliable advice to help you build a team and grow your business using the expertise of others.

You’ll find all the advice offered here has a commercial perspective. Remember, I’m a business owner – just like you. And I’m here to tell you that you DON’T need to walk on eggshells when it comes to managing your staff. Sure, the law is there to protect your staff – but it’s also there to protect you too.

Tap into my broad experience of supporting a wide range of UK businesses

As a Trusted Supplier for the Entrepreneurs Circle, I’ve supported and advised countless businesses of all types and sizes over the years – and this broad experience means I can help you.

In fact, I personally guarantee that you’ll find the Bloody Staff resources useful and valuable – or you can have your money back.

No questions asked.

So you see with the Bloody Staff Vault at your fingertips (plus the supportive Facebook community), you can enjoy the business advantages that come from having excellent staff on your team.

Just imagine the potential for your business if you were to unlock the full potential of your staff…

I hope to see you on the other side 🙂

P.S. I’m told that the £9.99 pm price makes it a no-brainer too!

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