Do you carry out exit interviews with employees who have resigned?exit interview in office

Do you understand the value that exit interviews can add to your business?

Retaining good employees is very important for any business; therefore, it is important that you understand why employees choose to leave.

Most managers carry out an exit interview during the last week of the notice period. I don’t recommend this as by this time the employee is probably fairly disengaged. Ideally carry out the interview a few days after the employee has resigned.

Here are 8 reasons why exit interviews are important and have a value to the business:

  1. If exit interviews are conducted well they can provide you with very good feedback on the culture of the business, pay, benefits and training opportunities.
  2. Finding and retaining the right staff can be difficult. It is therefore important to understand why some employees stay and why some leave. Exit interviews can provide information as to how to improve staff retention.
  3. Exit interviews can help with employee engagement. They can reveal things that work well in the business and things that aren’t working well.
  4. Interviews are best conducted face-to-face as this enables better communication, understanding, interpretation etc, and it provides much better opportunity to probe and get to the root of issues. Sometimes an employee may prefer to give their feedback in a questionnaire, especially if they have something negative to say. They may give more honest feedback if they can complete a form.
  5. Some employee’s leaving a business are sorry to be leaving. Good employees often leave because there is no opportunity to grow. This is a chance to then review what career development is available to staff.
  6. It may alert you to things going on in the business that you were not aware of. For example an employee may tell you they are being bullied by their manager and that is the reason why they are leaving.
  7. They provide valuable information as to how to improve recruitment and induction of new employees.
  8. They help you uncover any poor HR practices.

If you carry out exit interviews it’s important to collate the information and take action on the information you receive. Don’t just file it away, exit interviews can give you valuable insights into your business.