Santa rushed to the workshop to find out what had happened. Oh dear one of the elves has had an accident.Christmas Elf & Jack In The Box

It looks like Snowball has had a fight with a Jack in the box. Mrs Claus has also rushed to the workshop. She looked at Snowball and saw that he had a black eye and also a bit of a thumping head.

Santa was worried what should he do now? Mrs Claus told him to phone the Ice Princess.

Santa said ‘what makes you think that she can help?’ She looks after people and elves. I know I have the special price and gift but I don’t see how that can help with this.

Mrs Claus said please call her she will be able to help.

abstract cartoon magi on a white background

Santa phoned the Ice Princess and was so happy when she said ‘ of course we can help, you need to speak to the Wise Man (aka Dave).

So what did the Wise Man have to say to Santa?