Green Elf SleepingWith only 14 sleeps to go until the big night Santa is very, very busy and there is still so much to do. 1000’s of presents to wrap, 100’s of toys still to make, children’s letters still to read and to make matters worse it would seem that Tinsel and Jingle have not turned up to the workshop today. Now where are those two naughty elves?

The elves had their ‘Elf Christmas party’ last night. Santa said to Mrs Claus I knew this would happen, I bet they had too much eggnog!

Santa went to his magic phone and called Tinsel and Jingle. No answer. I bet they are still in bed. What am I going to do? They are very naughty elves. Santa was now getting very stressed. ‘I will never be ready in time for Christmas Eve now. All of the little children (and big children) are going to be so disappointed’.

Mrs Claus was watching Santa and knew she had to do something to help him. This was not the first time that Tinsel

vector illustration of a santa claus who is perplexedand Jingle had not turned up for work but Santa didn’t know what to do when elves didn’t turn up for work. Mrs Claus made Santa a big mug of hot chocolate and told him to sit down and she would find a way to help. What was Mrs Claus going to do? Find out tomorrow.