Santa was so stressed now, the naughty elves had still not turned up for work, and he’d heard a rumor that they were in downtown Lapland doing their Christmas shopping!

Should he phone the Ice Princess?  He decided he would.

Santa picked up the phone and called the Ice Princess (aka Janine). The Ice Princess asked Santa to tell her what the problem was. He explained that two of the elves were being really naughty and had not come into work since the ‘elf party’ and that one of the other elves had told him his mum had seen them doing their Christmas shopping in downtown Lapland.

The Snow Queen

The Ice Princess told Santa not to worry, she could help him deal with these naughty elves. She said ‘that is what I am here for, to put your mind at rest and explain what you need to do. You don’t have to worry about being up to date with employment law and managing elves, that’s what I do for you’.

I can help you and talk you through everything you need to do. No need for you to get stressed, once you are working with me you don’t need to worry anymore. You can concentrate on getting all the presents out to the children.

The Ice Princess told Santa he had phoned her just at the right time because she had a special gift she could give him. Santa was excited, what was the special gift?

The Ice Princess continued and said that many people needed her help. Employers use our services and because they commit to us for 12 months we give them a very special price. But for a very limited time, because it’s Christmas, she could give him that special price plus a gift. Santa was really keen to find out what the special price was plus find out what the gift was.

The Ice Princess explained that Santa would be able to phone the Ice Princess for 60 minutes each month, he would have unlimited email support, and access to the Bloody Staff vault where he would find step-by-step guides, video courses, templates letter and checklists all easily accessible 24/7.

For 60 minutes of support the normal price is £180. The special price, when you join us for 12 months is only £97 per month, a huge saving of £1093 and until the 16th December the Ice Princess will gift the first month free plus  complete a review of his employment contracts, elf handbook and HR policies.

Santa was so excited this was truly a special gift. The Ice Princess said he must be quick as it was only available until 5pm on Wednesday 16th December 2015.

Santa said he wanted the gift. What did he need to do now? Just click here to get your gift said the Ice Princess.

Santa decided he wanted the gift and clicked to find out more.

Now lets find out how to deal with these naughty elves……….