One of the elves having a one on one with Santa Claus. Isolated on a Christmas red backgroundThe Ice Princess explained to Santa what he needed to do with the naughty elves. First of all he would need to send them a letter asking them to attend a meeting with him. The Ice Princess told Santa where he could find the exact letter he needed in the Bloody Staff vault.

Santa checked out the Bloody Staff vault and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw all the great things it contained. This was going to be so helpful dealing with these naughty elves. There was checklists, template letters, how to guides and there was even a Facebook group where he could chat to other employers about their naughty elves and ask the Ice Princess questions.

Santa phoned the Ice Princess again, he just wanted to check to see what he could say at the meeting. He really wasn’t sure what he could and couldn’t say. He was worried he got something wrong and would end up in Tribunal.

The Ice Princess was great and explained everything to Santa in a very simple and practical way.

Santa sent out the letter to the naughty elves.

After the meeting Santa called the Ice Princess again and she told him what he needed to do next.

Santa was so happy. He now knew that if he had any problems with his elves he could just call the Ice Princess, send her an email,check out the Bloody Staff vault or ask a question in the Facebook group. He was so pleased he had taken up the special price and gift from the Ice Princess. He was going to tell his friends but they would need to be quick as the gift was only available until 5pm on the 16th December.

Vector happy Santa Claus cartoon isolated.