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Hi, I’m Jacqui Mann and I’m the Head HR Honcho at Bloody Staff, a supportive, knowledgeable community where business owners and entrepreneurs come to discuss their people development issues and discover how to build a team of bloody brilliant staff. In short, we’re here to help YOU grow and succeed, by unleashing the awesome potential power of your people.

There is so much you need to know….but where do you start? First Download ‘41 Things Every Employer Needs to Know About Employing People’ now and find out all the facts.

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icons6This section can help reduce your nerves and increase your confidence when looking for the right people. Whether you’re hiring your first employee, growing your team, or looking to fill a role that’s been vacated, you’ll want to get the very best person in place. Inside the Bloody Staff Vault, you’ll discover a range of checklists, tools, and step-by-step guides that will take you through the entire recruitment process from start to finish. It’s an easy way to help you hire with conviction.
iconsOnce you’ve got the right people in place, it’s time to ensure they deliver a profitable return to your business. To do this, you need to create a collaborative team – and that means motivating individual staff, whilst creating a culture that drives YOUR intended results. The ‘Bloody Staff’ Vault will support you with a range of culture-defining activities including: outlining your company values, introducing competencies, and nurturing talent. The contents of this module (once implemented) have the potential to completely transform your team, your working environment, and your stress levels! Just imagine the impact that outstanding staff will have on your potential… well, that’s all within your grasp.
icons3Nobody likes to talk about employment law and legalities, but when it comes to staffing, a poor decision can get you into an expensive hole (it can even damage your business – permanently). When you employ people, you MUST be up to speed with the legal bits – no excuses. So to save you the time (and headache) of figuring out what you need, we’ve put it all in the Bloody Staff Vault. We tackle everything from essential documentation, to critical policies and procedures, to disciplinary and absence management, (there’s even a comprehensive FAQs on TUPE). In short, you’ll discover a wealth of valuable resources that will get you informed and give you peace of mind. Call it your one-stop-shop to help you understand your responsibilities as an employer, so that you and your business stay on the right side of the law.
icons4The strength, productivity, and effectiveness of your staff and your wider team lay entirely in YOUR hands. That’s right. The decisions you make (and the attitude you take) will have a MASSIVE impact on your success. And don’t think you’re let off the hook because you’re not a ‘natural manager’. That’s just an excuse that’s keeping you poor! That’s because management, leadership, and coaching skills can be developed, and the growing bank of resources in the Bloody Staff Vault are here to help. So whether you need to work on your communication, your confidence, or your decision-making, you’ll discover a range of tools, tips, and ideas. Everything in this part of the Vault is designed to help you become a more powerful and effective leader.  Just imagine being able to guide your staff to achieve the most stretching business goals…
icons5FACT. You can’t hope to grow without the right people. However much we wish we could, cloning is out of the question, which means you need people to scale. This section of the Vault will help businesses looking to scale. The resources will help you understand how to nurture your existing people and add to your team for seamless, successful, sustainable growth. From managing organisational change, to integrating new team members, to identifying the new roles you need, these resources will help you sidestep common growing pains, so you can enlarge your team and scale your business successfully.
icons7When an employee needs to leave your business, you need to get it right – if you don’t, the legal implications can be far-reaching. That said, when you know what you can (and can’t do), you’ll find the whole situation far less stressful and much easier to manage. So whether your staff leave as a result of redundancy, restructuring, ill health, incompetency, or simply because they don’t fit, the Bloody Staff Vault will help you take decisive action. With a range of easy to follow guides and checklists, you’ll find that you can exit your people with confidence and tact.
Your complete A-Z of resources, from letters to use in cases of Absence to a summary of the Working Time Regulations, and everything in between.
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What Bloody Staff Members are Saying

” I love the idea of having an online portal of trusted HR and people development resources at my fingertips – 24/7 When I first discovered Bloody Staff I wanted immediate access! I love the idea of having an online portal of trusted HR and people development resources at my fingertips – 24/7. As the MD of a growing business, my people are key. I need brilliant staff to achieve our stretching goals and with Bloody Staff in my pocket, I can sleep a little easier. I now know if an HR issue crops up, I’ve got somewhere to turn for solid advice. In addition, because my senior team can also access the resources, their management role will become a little easier too.  Thanks Jacqui!”
Barry Allaway - MD at Worldwide Magazine Distribution.
“I recommend Jacqui highly. We’ve gone through a massive growth programme in the last three years going from a million pound business to a £4.2m business by the end of the 2015 financial year on our way to £40m. I know when I need to get specialist resources in order to make sure I’m doing things properly. That’s one of the reasons I rely on Jacqui Mann. With our team expanding, I needed to make sure there was someone covering my arse when it came to HR issues. It’s important you get that technically correct… I would recommend Jacqui highly.”
Kate Lester – owner of Diamond Logistics
” I’d go as far as to say that Bloody Staff is an ESSENTIAL investment for any small business owner who has staff or who is thinking of hiring staff Every successful business needs people – but getting the right ones, who do the right things, in the right way is at best a challenge – and for many it can become a nightmare. For several years now my ‘go-to-gal’ for help and advice on all staff aspects of my business has been Jacqui Mann. Unlike most in her field, Jacqui is always P-R-A-C-T-I-C-A-L in her guidance and advice and what she’s put together with ‘Bloody Staff’ is, well, bloody brilliant. I’d go as far as to say that Bloody Staff is an ESSENTIAL investment for any small business owner who has staff or who is thinking of hiring staff.   It’s chock-full of great resources, templates, and tools and at this price you’d be BONKERS not to join. It will help you hugely to get the best out of your people…and to sleep well at night”
Nigel Botterill – Serial entrepreneur
“Where were you when I needed this resource all those years ago? Having built several companies over the years, without doubt the biggest challenge I faced was around staff. In the early days I was convinced it was their problem. But the more success I had, the more I realised it was mine. It was simple… I didn’t know what to do with them, how to get the best out of them, how to motivate them, and how to find the right ones. I read lots of books, endured trial and error, and spent a lot of money! When I eventually ‘got it’ a huge weight was lifted from the business and it was able to SCALE at a substantial pace. Bloody Staff is a phrase I’ve heard over and over from 100s of business owners. So I’m delighted to see what Jacqui has created. Finally, someone has captured EVERYTHING you need to know about engaging and empowering staff – in one place. I encourage you to join now and start using the Bloody Staff resources to nurture your team and scale your business.”
Martin Norbury - Scalability Coach and Business Mentor of the Year 2015

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41 Things Every Employer Needs to Know About Employing People

Once you start employing people your life as you knew it changes! There is so much you need to know….but where do you start? Download ‘41 Things’ now and find out the facts about employing people.

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